Before I became a mom, I heard other parents talk about how time-consuming a baby is…how it changes you, your attitude, dreams, aspiration – all that. They talk about how your life changes completely…and here is the thing – I believed them 100%. But at the same time I had no idea. I always thought I will still have the same aspirations and be the same person – and I do and I am and I don’t and I am not.

Baby Isla
Photo by Nadine Baggs

Its a difficult thing to describe maybe because I can’t even wrap my head around it myself and I am living it…maybe that’s why everyone always talks about the experience of parenthood as “indescribable”…

With all that said…there are many reasons this blog has been quiet for a while now. And becoming a mom is probably the main one.

I am still just as interested in all things creative but in a different way. Time is more precious now. My goals have not changed, but I am adjusting where to put the focus. And I choose to unplug more often.

I would love to continue sharing the things that inspire me and I am sure with time I will find the right outlet and the right channel.

In the meantime: