This looks like it could actually be really useful – Morning is a very sleek, minimalist iPhone app for all your content-needs in the mornings. It features 8 customizable panels for whatever you need…weather, to-do’s, traffic etc… Check it out HERE!

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Swoon! over theses ’Keidos’ cement tiles by Spanish designer Alberto Sanchez for Entic Design. See more HERE!

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Lovely quote from Martine’s Hand-book of Etiquette, and Guide to True Politeness over on swissmiss this morning…

“The power of preserving silence is the very first requisite to all who wish to shine, or even please in discourse; and those who cannot preserve it, have really no business to speak. … The silence that, without any deferential air, listens with polite attention, is more flattering than compliments, and more frequently broken for the purpose of encouraging others to speak, than to display the listener’s own powers. This is the really eloquent silence. It requires great genius—more perhaps than speaking—and few are gifted with the talent…”

(Martine’s Hand-book of Etiquette, and Guide to True Politeness)

I love the simplicity of this project. Italian photographer Manuel Cosentino chose one unassuming little house to capture the changing weather, light and surroundings by photographing the house from the exact location for nearly two years. Found via Colossal, you can read more HERE! 

Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House

Behind a Little House

A new twist on a classic - Herman Miller introduces the Eames Molded Wood Chair. “Achieved with the help of today’s 3-D veneer technology, this authentic form is the result of a process that gives wood veneer the flexibility it needs to be molded into the complex curves of a single shell.” Stunning!

Check it out over at Herman Miller HERE!





This Sound Track Wooden Train Set by Ricardo Seola and Quirky is simply beautiful -what a great idea! “Kids can either set the Sound Track to play classic nursery rhymes like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” or they can write songs of their own, which the train will then play back for them as they push it along the track.”

Since I am 7 months pregnant, this is so being wish listed…Read more about the journey to production for the Train Set over at Fast Co. Design HERE! or check the project out on Quirky HERE!


This is a wonderful short doc by Terry Rayment and Hunter Richards featuring many great creative minds on what it is like working in the creative industry, doing what you love and working for profit in a commercial project…it sounds like ‘just another one of those videos’ but this is really worth a watch and will put back a little bounce in your creative step…

Watch it over at vimeo HERE!

Wonderland | A Short Form Doc on Creative Commerce from Eskimo on Vimeo.

This post on Brain Pickings resonated with me so much, especially the quote by Paula Sher on “the power of intuition and additive knowledge in sparking those creative Eureka! moments”…see the original post  over on Brain Pickings HERE!

paula sher

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Very good reminder, not only for the Grand Canyon but something to remember daily…(original post HERE!)


happy it’s not…(found via Quipsologies HERE!)