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This looks SO amazing – cant wait to see this! Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary about stylish New York older ladies….

Found this gem over at Curiosity counts HERE!

Errol Morris really is the man (as my husband always told me).
“On the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol Morris explores the story behind the one man seen standing under an open black umbrella at the site.”

Check out the Umbrella Man over at the New York Times HERE!

How in the world have I not heard about this fellow before. Thanks for recommending Mr. McMorrow based on my endless love for Bon Iver….Album is bought = happy ears…

My gawd….beautiful!

“Early in the Morning” above and this one, “From the Woods”…so haunting…in such a melancholy, beautiful way!

Check out his site HERE!

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