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…and how melancholy leads to empathy which lead us to social interaction…

Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, explains his perceptions of things that we dont even think about – ┬ásun, space, sky, and more.
So interesting how many things he describes are spot on…also really makes you wonder about the things we take for granted…
Found via Its Okay To Be Smart HERE!

“According to one popular conception of science that goes all the way back to Francis Bacon’s invention of it in 1620, scientific endeavor is all about getting answers from nature. That said, given the quality of answers one gets depends conspicuously on the quality of the questions one asks, scientific inquiries lacking in intrepidity, imagination, and insight are likely to yield little more than scientifically validated tedium.”

Brainpickings does it again, sharing with us “The Happiness of Pursuit: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About the Good Life”, by Shimon Edelman in which he “takes an unconventional — and cautiously self-aware of its own unorthodoxy — lens to the holy grail of human existence, blending hard science with literature and philosophy to reverse-engineer the brain’s capacity for well-being. definition of science as “systematic wonder”.

This quote holds a lot of truth…”The quality of answers depends on the quality of the questions asked.” Read more over at Brainpickings HERE!

So. Frickin cute…such beautiful, stoic creatures…

Found via Notcot HERE!

I really love this, it is so easy to forget a world before computers. Projects like Rare Book Feast helps us remember…

“This series is about the timeless character of books. Their message and what they look like are what is celebrated here. As our culture becomes digital in a lot of ways, it is all the more important (not to mention inviting) to revisit and learn from the early design challenges, creative solutions and general lessons that the “old” print world keeps relevant.

Kicking off this series is the “World Geo-Graphic Atlas” (1953) designed by Herbert Bayer with Martin Rosenzweig, Henry Gardiner and Masato Nakagawa: 2,200 diagrams, graphs, charts, symbols spanning 368 pages about our planet earth. All done before computers.

Video concept, script and narration by Nate Burgos of Video creation, direction and production by Joe Giovenco of”

Check it out over on Vimeo HERE! (first seen over at, HERE!)


Iain Claridge posted a very nice collection of photos from Dieter Rams’s Modernist home in Germany. I too am a huge fan of Rams’ simple, functional designs (and also a German)… The photos were originally posted over on the Daily Telegraph’s article and from the website of photographer Philip Sinden.

Read the original post over at HERE!



This is indeed a very smart idea…Thanks to Minimalissimo for sharing this little gem. Here is what they had to say about QuaDror:

“Designed by Dror Benshetrit, QuaDror is a versatile structural support system. Dror researched, created, designed and finally came up with an innovative multi-use space truss geometry that is capable of five main applications: dividing, dwelling, trestle, fenestration and artistic installation. Based on four identical L-shaped minimal pieces, the real beauty about QuaDror is its flexibility. A very smart idea.”

Check it out HERE!


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I know where I am going to make my husband take me next – The TreeHotel In Harads, Sweden

April 5, 2011 //


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It’s A Gorgeous Night In Alexandria…

February 16, 2011 //
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