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urban perspective #01 by Jonathan Smith

October 17, 2011 //
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Simple, modern concrete tiles – Prototype Playtime

September 22, 2011 //

I am IN LOVE with these ‘Playtime’ concrete tiles for indoor and outdoor use by young designer Xiral Segard.

“The concrete pavement Playtime adapts and reinterprets the traditional technique of marquetry to the specifics of this construction material. Playtime plays with geometric and counterforms concrete. The pattern on the first plate, disappears little by little on the second and third slab no longer exist on the fourth. Theses four pavement each can create a design more or less dense in places.”

Want (SO badly!)

Check our more about Xiral Segard HERE!

(and also, make sure to check out the equally stunning Vase Konkurito HERE! See some images below…)


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Stealf: stealth in a shelf

September 7, 2011 //
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Dieter Rams: “In CUBE we trust”

September 3, 2011 //

This is a great article posted over at Imprint. Am especially liking Dieter Rams’ take on the Cube…Make sure to watch the video HERE!

“A year ago three students, Manuel Krings, Marc Pfaff, Andreas Unteidig, from the Köln International School of Design, sought to test the design viability of a shiny black cube. They asked product, graphic and architectural designers to critically assess the cube to ascertain how serious or not the “critics” would be when faced with whether to explain or explain-away the object. The sessions with Stefan Sagmeister, Dieter Rams, Marco Piva, Massimo losa Ghini, Michael Erlhoff, Ruedi Baur and me were video taped and presented at a Parsons School of Design exhibition.”

Read more over at Imprint HERE!

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Josef Albers: Interaction of Color (via

August 31, 2011 //

Go Josef Albers…He is a German-born American artist, mathematician and educator, and I love his take on color theory. Apparently he also taught at Bauhaus where he worked as a crafts master in the glass workshops. Makes sense.

Found via ianclaridge.ner HERE! and get your copy of Interaction of Color by Josef Albers on Amazon HERE!


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The Huski Hotel via Architizer

August 27, 2011 //
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