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I am so smitten with these…these little gift boxes called Vigoo by design student Wilda Wongso were on show at Platform 2012 during the International Furniture Fair Singapore. There are four basic characters but you can dress them up to personalize for the gift receiver…how amazing are these?

Found over at dezzen, so read more HERE!


I would definately use this: the PlugBug lets you charge two devices at once.

“PlugBug is made exclusively for all MacBook Power Adapters, including current and previous models. Snap PlugBug onto your MacBook Power Adapter and you now have the first ever device that lets you charge your MacBook + iPad or iPhone simultaneously, from one wall outlet. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use PlugBug.”

Check it out HERE!


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iPhone Horn Bike – BONE COLLECTION

October 17, 2011 //
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The Making of ???Grit??? Tape Installation – The New York Times

September 16, 2011 //

This is incredible….Check out how Doyle Partners uses blue painters tape to create this “Grit type installation” for the New York Times magazine…


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Robert Audrou??: Sponge loves faucet…

September 9, 2011 //
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Suguru – “I don’t want to buy new stuff all the time. I want to hack the stuff I already have so it works better for me.”

August 27, 2011 //

I love this product and I love Jane’s mission. She is from Ireland and was studying product design at RCA London when she had an idea: “I don’t want to buy new stuff all the time. I want to hack the stuff I already have so it works better for me.”

In Jane’s words: This is “sugru and is a little bit brilliant. You should really watch the video.”

Go on, watch the video and read more about Sugru HERE!


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a knitted calendar for the calendar lover out there…

August 27, 2011 //

I love calendars of all sorts…this is an interesting version by Patrick Frey… the Gregor calendar. This scarf/calendar unravels one stitch at a time.


Check it out HERE! and watch the video below:

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Seattle artists turns Old Garage into 250 sq. ft. of functional, beautiful living space.

July 28, 2011 //
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Diplomas Are Boring at Street Anatomy

April 6, 2011 //

This is the least broing dissertation i have seen to date…nicely done.

Seen over at Quipsologies, read more over at Street Anatomy HERE!

“I like people that break from the norm. A long-time Street Anatomy fan and soon-to-be doctor, Stephen, recently sent in this image of an anatomical heart made up entirely of the words from his dissertation. He put tons of effort into studying a particular cardiac arrhythmia, noted below the heart, and instead of hanging fancy diplomas on the wall, he chose to immortalize his time and efforts into a piece of anatomical art.”

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BMW’s DriveNow App Outsmarts Zipcar via Co.Design

April 6, 2011 //

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