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Mica Angela Hendricks┬áis an illustrator and graphic artist. In her latest collaboration, she doodles a head and then lets her 4-year-old take over and complete the illustration with her vision. So unique and what beautiful memories…Found via @swissmiss HERE, you can read more about Mica on her site HERE!

You can also buy these beauties as art prints, phone cases, stationary cards and all the other goodness over at Society 6 HERE!

mr-beever-1 img_5614img_5813

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“Just shoot me now” via Hovering Art Directors

May 6, 2011 //

This one may be my favorite yet…just shoot me…(poor girl!)
Check out more hovering art directors HERE!

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A Short Retrospective of Braun Design (or: Dieter Rams is the man!) via Fuel Your Product Design

April 25, 2011 //
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workspace of Berlin-based designer, Linda Gavin (was involved with the design of the @twitter logo!) via Herman Miller

April 22, 2011 //

Berlin-based graphic designer Linda Gavin takes some folks at Herman Miller on a tour of her home work space. Read the interview and see some more images HERE!


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“Clients From Hell” Puts Designer Rage on the Page via Co.Design

March 31, 2011 //

this looks like a lovely book to keep in the office…

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Biblioth??que via Cool Hunting

March 23, 2011 //

I was already a fan of London design firm Bibliothèque and their amazing collection of books…Theeeeeen, I found this blog post over at Cool Hunting and two facts have just increased my “like” of this design firm:

First of all, I grew up in Kiel and have many fond memories of the “Kieler Woche” and the posters advertising it. Secondly, I am a big fan of Dieter Rams ten principles of good design and his aesthetic.

So read this post and get a little insight into a few of their favorite rare finds and special editions HERE!


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???Cure for the Common Font??? ??? A Web Designer???s Introduction to Typeface Selection

March 22, 2011 //


I sadly didnt attend SXSW but found this presentationby Frank Chimero, Tiffany Wardle, and Jason Santa Maria for a panel at the SXSW conference over at Typographics. I love this little intro into some basic principles for making wise type choices.

“Now that web designers suddenly face the challenge and delight of choosing fonts from an ever-growing selection, we decided now is a good time to recommend some basic principles for making wise type choices.”

Read more about the presentation and view the slides HERE!

Open publication – Free publishingMore fonts
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