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This is a great article posted over at Imprint. Am especially liking Dieter Rams’ take on the Cube…Make sure to watch the video HERE!

“A year ago three students, Manuel Krings, Marc Pfaff, Andreas Unteidig, from the Köln International School of Design, sought to test the design viability of a shiny black cube. They asked product, graphic and architectural designers to critically assess the cube to ascertain how serious or not the “critics” would be when faced with whether to explain or explain-away the object. The sessions with Stefan Sagmeister, Dieter Rams, Marco Piva, Massimo losa Ghini, Michael Erlhoff, Ruedi Baur and me were video taped and presented at a Parsons School of Design exhibition.”

Read more over at Imprint HERE!

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Dieter Rams???s home via @iainclaridge

June 3, 2011 //

Iain Claridge posted a very nice collection of photos from Dieter Rams’s Modernist home in Germany. I too am a huge fan of Rams’ simple, functional designs (and also a German)… The photos were originally posted over on the Daily Telegraph’s article and from the website of photographer Philip Sinden.

Read the original post over at HERE!


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A Short Retrospective of Braun Design (or: Dieter Rams is the man!) via Fuel Your Product Design

April 25, 2011 //
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Biblioth??que via Cool Hunting

March 23, 2011 //

I was already a fan of London design firm Bibliothèque and their amazing collection of books…Theeeeeen, I found this blog post over at Cool Hunting and two facts have just increased my “like” of this design firm:

First of all, I grew up in Kiel and have many fond memories of the “Kieler Woche” and the posters advertising it. Secondly, I am a big fan of Dieter Rams ten principles of good design and his aesthetic.

So read this post and get a little insight into a few of their favorite rare finds and special editions HERE!


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