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While we are at it…here is another one: Design the new business – a documentary!

About the film:

“We believe design is the new way of doing business, and we set out to find keys to success through the making of a documentary.Fascinating interviews with industry leaders will unveil the creative ways in which design is changing mindsets across industries….We are searching for the truth behind the “design thinking” smoke and mirrors.”

You can now watch the full movie on their site HERE!


This certainly looks like it will be worth a watch…”Design & Thinking” is a documentary about…you guessed it, “design thinking”.

About the film:

“Design Thinking was applied as a term and methodology by a design firm in 2008. It was received as a tool to solve every problem, from daily life decisions to business challenges to world hunger problems. Attention and debates followed; some insisted on design education in all K-12 schools, some declared it is just marketing tool for that firm, some hoped it would turn his company into Apple. Some said it’s nothing new, just a new packaging of how creative people do things.”

Let the discussions begin…Find out more HERE!

I’m intrigued…HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD is a Short-Form Docuseries exploring the power of Public Art and innovation to uplift and revitalize urban communities. The Pilot Season revolves around the Arts District of Wynwood Miami, featuring an array of internationally acclaimed and locally respected Street Artists, Graffiti Writers and Muralists.

Check out more HERE!

“Do what you love, its gonna lead you where you want to go!”

Dang, this looks amazing!!! Check out the official trailer for Beauty Is Embarrassing — the funny, irreverent, joyful and inspiring documentary featuring the life and current times of one of America’s most important artists, Wayne White.

Errol Morris really is the man (as my husband always told me).
“On the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol Morris explores the story behind the one man seen standing under an open black umbrella at the site.”

Check out the Umbrella Man over at the New York Times HERE!

Scary stuff…Kirby Ferguson (of Everything is a Remix fame) talks about the potential dangers of the upcoming Protect IP Act…

Brain Pickings describes Mood Collection as such:
It “isn’t a documentary, nor is it fictional film. Rather, it’s part photographic research project, part cultural anthropology of urban tenderness.
The brainchild of French director Paul Mignot, the project captures rare, vulnerable moments in the lives of four global cities. From dawn in New York to a baptism in Johannesburg to the near-ghost of a Czech metal factory, Mood Collection steals an unexpected glimpse of the raw, private humanity of cities through breathtaking cinematography and thoughtful direction.”

Paul Mignot, creator of the Mood Collection describes it as such:
“This collection was born from the need to get carried away by the coincidences and the follies of life, or simply to see the other with sincerity and honesty, in a moment without promise, without lies, just picking up a message as silent as it is.” ~ Paul Mignot (translated from French)

Read the whole post over at Brain Pickings HERE!


Looking forward to Urbanized hitting the theaters! New trailer has just been released, check it out HERE!

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People want to feel connected y’all – that’s it: Intel’s Short Film About Wedding Photographers in China via Adweek

June 2, 2011 //


Intel has definately been gaining points in my book these past couple of days. First the Museum of Me, and now this ad – very anthropological! To me this proves that people simply want to tell their stories, listen to others’ stories and relate…and feel connected somehow.

i LOVE this ad/mini-doc…Check out the full story over Adweek HERE!


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