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“According to one popular conception of science that goes all the way back to Francis Bacon’s invention of it in 1620, scientific endeavor is all about getting answers from nature. That said, given the quality of answers one gets depends conspicuously on the quality of the questions one asks, scientific inquiries lacking in intrepidity, imagination, and insight are likely to yield little more than scientifically validated tedium.”

Brainpickings does it again, sharing with us “The Happiness of Pursuit: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About the Good Life”, by Shimon Edelman in which he “takes an unconventional — and cautiously self-aware of its own unorthodoxy — lens to the holy grail of human existence, blending hard science with literature and philosophy to reverse-engineer the brain’s capacity for well-being. definition of science as “systematic wonder”.

This quote holds a lot of truth…”The quality of answers depends on the quality of the questions asked.” Read more over at Brainpickings HERE!


This is an intriguing talk by Susan Cain. Collaboration, team brain storm sessions and the power of groupthink are all important parts of the creative environment, but I know that without time to process, reflect and quiet time to think, they don’t work in the same way for me.

The best description I have heard is that introverts gather their energy by being alone while extroverts gather energy by being around others.

“In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated. Our world prizes extroverts – but Susan Cain makes a case for the quiet and contemplative.”

Check her talk out on TED HERE!

A poem for girls who read from spoken word poet Mark Grist. Amazing.

Check it out over at curiosity counts HERE!

I love the idea of HourSchool. It seems strange that we live in these massive cities, with so many people, with such a great array of skills, and we are not taking more advantage of it. HourSchool’s got it right!

Find out what you could be learning next at HourSchool HERE!

This is such a sweet story about “people who devote their lives to books and books who return the favor.”

Morris Lessmore is a poignant, humorous allegory about the curative powers of story. Using a variety of techniques (miniatures, computer animation, 2D animation) award winning author/ illustrator William Joyce and Co-director Brandon Oldenburg present a new narrative experience that harkens back to silent films and M-G-M Technicolor musicals. “Morris Lessmore” is old fashioned and cutting edge at the same time.

Read more HERE!

Humans enter the picture at 11:58:43…

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November 7, 2011 //

“And remember also,” added the Princess of sweet Rhyme, “that many places you would like to see are just off the map and many things you want to know are just out of sight or a little beyond your reach. But someday you’ll reach them all, for what you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow.”

- from the Phantom Tollbooth

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Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory

October 26, 2011 //

“We don’t choose between experiences, we choose between the memories of experiences…” Daniel Kahneman gives an incredible TED talk on “how our “experiencing selves” and our “remembering selves” perceive happiness differently.”

See the TED talk HERE and read some more insight on this over at Brain Pickings HERE!

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Eames Words and “the uncommon beauty of common things” via @dwell

October 17, 2011 //
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LAUGHS! – If you are having a bad day (or just need a good laugh) this will help…i PROMISE!

September 14, 2011 //

“Everynone” does it again….

Laugh away, and check out Everynone HERE!

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