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This is SUCH a great idea! Put on wishlist…

“These limited-use napkins and placemats by Spain-based MYdrap are made from 100% cotton and come on rolls of 12. That’s right, a roll. The perforated cotton allows user to simply tear a placemat or napkin off the roll as necessary. They can be laundered at least 6 times, and are recyclable and biodegradable. Enhances any table in a snap. Keep them in your home or office drawer for emergencies. Take them on a picnic as an elegant alternative to paper. They also make a fantastic host gift.”

Check it out over at A+R HERE! (and while you are there, make sure to check out some of their other products, they have a great selection of pretty much anything you could ever need.)


“I never would have thought of that. How do they even come up with that? It’s genius!”

Derek Sivers talks about the way our brain makes us think that our ideas are not worth sharing because they seem “so obvious” yet many of these ideas are completely new and unique to others…

Check out the video HERE! and more about Derek Sivers HERE!

Amazingly. Ridiculously. SO weird. and…Awesome.

Found this over at SwissMiss and i couldn’t help myself…had to share with you all. Check it out HERE!!!

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