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O Tea – a year of research and development for the most functional tea set?

November 6, 2011 //

“Behind gregorysung’s understated O Tea design lies more than a year of research and development to produce a supremely functional tea service that combines cool-to-the-touch surfaces with a drip-less pot and cups sized with the hand in mind.

Aside from its deeply thoughtful construction, the set is beautiful. Korean porcelain experts and Italian master wood artisans crafted by hand each hand-cast-porcelain vessel and oil-polished walnut base for an elegantly minimal presentation. The complex subtlety of gregorysung’s design is based on what the press release describes as the “traditional Korean approach to objects and activities: appreciation for the natural state of things while gently creating formality within.” The tiniest flourish comes in the cup’s rounded bottom, which requires the proper placement on its stately little base to stand upright. And, while the outside of the matte-finish cups remains unglazed, up close one will discover a shimmering pearl glaze on the inside.”

Read the whole article over at Cool Hunting HERE!

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BOX COUTURE – a “bag” solution for different types and different occasions

October 27, 2011 //
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Charles Eames on Design: Rare Q&A from 1972 via Brain Pickings

October 6, 2011 //

You will all know of my admiration for the Eamses creative process…(if not, read my latest post about them HERE!). I found this awesome Q&A from 1972 in which Charles says it all when he answers the question: What are the boundaries of Design? – “What are the boundaries of problems?”

I think my favorite theme that the Eamses often touch on is the idea of process and action and in this Q&A when asked if design is a method of general expression, he answered: “No – it is a method of action.” Pay attention to the process. Learn from it. And just do it!


I found this article over at Brain Pickings and this is what they had to say:
“Legendary design duo Charles and Ray Eames shaped the mid-century modern aesthetic and influenced the voice of design for decades to come. They were also prolific filmmakers, perhaps best known for the iconic Powers of Ten film. In this fantastic Q&A from 1972, found on the excellent compilation The Films of Charles & Ray Eames and reproduced here in House Industries’ typography journal, Madame L’Amic of the Musee des Art s Decoratifs in Paris asks Charles Eames 29 questions about design, covering everything from the balance between form and function to the role of computers in creativity to the impact of influences. His answers are a timeless treasure trove of wisdom and insight on all that design is and should be.”

They are indeed. Check out the whole post HERE!

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