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Robots Cook German Sausage Breakfast (yup, you read that correctly!)

June 27, 2011 //


Go Germany? So Im not quite sure what to make of this yet, but I do know I want SOMEONE to make me a German sausage breakfast right now!


Apparently, Scientists at the Technical University Munich in Germany recently got a pair of “robotic roommates” to prepare a traditional bavarian breakfast from scratch…

Check out this video of the two robots, TUM-James and TUM-Rosie preparing breakfast and serving it to a group of observers.

“Rosie and James rely on some of the latest sensing and processing technologies used to model human multitasking behaviors with artificial intelligence. The footage released by the lab is edited to show the robots’ successful moments with their mistakes cut out (the German techno was added in later as well). When the robots fail at a task, they can record their error and improve. While their execution of the Bavarian meal is already impressive enough, these “personal robots” (or PRs in robotics lingo) aren’t one-trick ponies. In the past they’ve made pancakes and fetched beer from a fridge. “

Alright, I am sold. Check out the full story over at GOOD HERE!

Und jetzt, ein Bier bitte!!!

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travel planner: now that is one organized travel wardrobe (and my, oh my, it is beautifully illustrated too!)…

June 13, 2011 //
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