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Hovering micro vegetable gardens in Cairo…awesome! idea!

September 4, 2011 //
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Seattle artists turns Old Garage into 250 sq. ft. of functional, beautiful living space.

July 28, 2011 //
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Kieler Woche – celebrating my hometown Kiel..

July 17, 2011 //

Apparently Kiel and tilt shift videos go together…this is a nice video put together by the Fachhochschule in Kiel…Some of my best memories are from “Kiel week” and I am hoping to make it back to next year’s celebration..

Check out more about this video and Kieler Wocher HERE!

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Shapes & Colors of Berlin (my hometown) via Abduzeedo

April 28, 2011 //
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Biblioth??que via Cool Hunting

March 23, 2011 //

I was already a fan of London design firm Bibliothèque and their amazing collection of books…Theeeeeen, I found this blog post over at Cool Hunting and two facts have just increased my “like” of this design firm:

First of all, I grew up in Kiel and have many fond memories of the “Kieler Woche” and the posters advertising it. Secondly, I am a big fan of Dieter Rams ten principles of good design and his aesthetic.

So read this post and get a little insight into a few of their favorite rare finds and special editions HERE!


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