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…and how melancholy leads to empathy which lead us to social interaction…

Found this lovely quote in which Psychologists explore the creative benefits of mind-wandering over on Explore HERE!

“We mind wander, by choice or accident, because it produces tangible reward when measured against goals and aspirations that are personally meaningful. Having to reread a line of text three times because our attention has drifted away matters very little if that attention shift has allowed us to access a key insight, a precious memory or make sense of a troubling event. Pausing to reflect in the middle of telling a story is inconsequential if that pause allows us to retrieve a distant memory that makes the story more evocative and compelling. Losing a couple of minutes because we drove past our off ramp, is a minor inconvenience if the attention lapse allowed us finally to understand why the boss was so upset by something we said in last week’s meeting. Arriving home from the store without the eggs that necessitated the trip is a mere annoyance when weighed against coming to a decision to ask for a raise, leave a job, or go back to school.”


This post on Brain Pickings resonated with me so much, especially the quote by Paula Sher on “the power of intuition and additive knowledge in sparking those creative Eureka! moments”…see the original post  over on Brain Pickings HERE!

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“Oliver Jeffers is a world-famous creator of picture books for children, such as the award-winning Lost and Found. With his captivating paintings, collages, installations, and collaborative works—presented in his first monograph Neither Here Nor There—Jeffers also tells deeply incisive stories and poses provocative philosophical questions. met him in the wake of the opening of his current exhibition HERE OR THERE at Gestalten Space to learn about kids as critics, the art of storytelling, and, of course, quantum physics.”

Check out the video and find out more over at Gestalten HERE!

It is no secret that I LOVE Herman Miller Design…and the ‘WHY DESIGN’ series is support for the interesting stuff they are doing.

About the series: “At Herman Miller design is the language we use to ask questions and seek answers to the problems our customers face. The design process is a journey into the unknown—or as George Nelson once quipped, “I have never met a designer who was retained to keep things the same as they were.” Before we decide what we do and how we do it, we like to begin by asking the question “Why?” In Why Design, a new video series, we explore the world through the eyes of our designers, and share something of why we value their point of view.”

Steve Frykholm, who has been at Herman Miller for 42 years. talks about the breaks in between his ‘working time’ which allow his brain to refresh for the times when he is working…

This talk by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin is also full of little nuggets of inspiration…They are industrial designers (with an arichtectural background) in London. They talk about fragile and changing systems and environments such as London itself…and how their opposing – or rather complimenting – macro and micro views on these systems and environments create perspective. I also love Kim Colin’s reference to the ‘view of context’ and the reminder to not get bugged down by the nitty-gritty…

Check out more of the videos over at Why Design HERE!

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Fascinating. Careful if you are anything like me, be prepared to spend multiple hours on this site upon clicking HERE!

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I want this – Deskbox, designed by Netherland-based firm Raw Edges for Arco. This would be so handy living in small city apartments, like NYC :)

Check out more HERE!



Postcard Poets brings small doses of serendipity to your doorstep! It helps you discover poetry from new and established poets by delivered poem postcards to you by post.

This would be such a great thing to share with friends all over the globe…Check out more about Postcard Poets HERE!

The song “Emmylou” by First Aid Kit has been playing on repeat in my headphones…i love when the dots connect on things heard, seen and felt…this lyric feels so pertinent to what I am feeling and experiencing…and these harmonies currently have a tight grip on me…