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This is the dilemma of being a cyborg: It???s not just that everything we once committed to memory we now store externally on devices that crash or become obsolete or are rendered temporarily inaccessible due to lack of coverage. And it???s not that we spend a lot of time storing, organizing, pruning and maintaining our access to it all. It???s that we???re collectively engaged in a mass conversion of what we used to call, variously, records, accounts, entries, archives, registers, collections, keepsakes, catalogs, testimonies and memories into, simply, data.The Dilemma of Being a Cyborg –


This is fascinating to me as I am often dealing with differences in perceptions of privacy between my friends and family in the US and Europe. Check out this graph showing what types of information and data people in different countries consider personal data.

See it full size HERE!

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The Filter Bubble: How the Web Gives Us What We Want, and That’s Not a Good Thing via Brain Pickings

October 27, 2011 //

Promise- This TED talk by Eli Pariser will make you stop in your tracks and think about the way you get your information…the information you may want, but maybe not what you actually need…One of the most intriguing talks I have seen in a while.

Also, make sure to check out the interview with him on Brain Pickins HERE!

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