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That is one sleek iPad & Laptop Sleeve- the Bonobo Series

November 15, 2011 //
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Oh, let’s get old, old-fashioned…wooden iphone and ipad stands by Jonas Damon

May 7, 2011 //

Super cute wood stands for your iphone and ipad by Jonas Damon….check his site out HERE!


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Miniot Wood iPad2 Cover via swissmiss

March 30, 2011 //

Saw this beautiful Miniot Wood iPad2 Cover over at swissmiss this morning and wanted to pass it on. But what really got my attention was the family picture that she found on the company’s about page.
As swissmiss discovered, it shows the “Team Photo” (below) which shows Miniot as a small Dutch family enterprise…how cute are they?
Check out the whole post over at swissmiss HERE!


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