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So, we had a Pumpkin Carving contest this saturday – boys vs. girls…
Anyone want to venture a guess as to which is the boys’ and the girls’ creation :)

Note: these are animated gifs, so you may have to click on the image to see the wonderful rotation…

As we are now settled in our life in Dundee, Scotland we took the chance to explore the area a bit more before I started life as a Grad school student today!

Apparently Kiel and tilt shift videos go together…this is a nice video put together by the Fachhochschule in Kiel…Some of my best memories are from “Kiel week” and I am hoping to make it back to next year’s celebration..

Check out more about this video and Kieler Wocher HERE!

So, my dear friend @perileejoy, who has taken in our cats so that my husband @patterncapturer and I can venture abroad for my Masters studies, has come up with the sweetest way to keep us up to date with the craziness of our cats, Freddie and Sofia.

She created:

I just stumbled upon this site: Humanimal Doodles, a series of doodles about the human-animal relationship and it reminded me of an in-depth study of emotions in cats, specifically lethargy and anger, which @perileejoy had posted on the site. See @perileejoy‘s (very
ethnographic) study about “lethargy and anger” below or see her post HERE!


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Live Mark-up #1 ??? The Stokefire Logo Gets Flamed

June 3, 2011 //

Aaaannnddd, we are live – the first ever Stokefire video Mark-up!

This has been my project @stokefire for the past few weeks! Check it out over on the Stokefire blog HERE! and let me know what you all think – I would love some feedback…

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Lovely illustrated city maps by Owen Gatley

May 27, 2011 //
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Can Design Ethnographers bridge the gap?

May 19, 2011 //

This is my second post inspired by one of the essays in the book “Design Anthropology – Object Culture in the 21st Century” by Alison J. Clarke. This chapter, “Prototyping the Social: Temporality and Speculative Futures at the Intersection of Design and Culture” is written by Jamer Hunt, Director of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Rice University.

If ethnography can help us understand the present and design can help drive us into the future (and this is what Jamer Hunt suggests), I think exploring Design Ethnography to help us create better products, designs and solutions, will lead us in the right direction.

Originally posted on the Stokefire blog, HERE!

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