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I am so smitten with these…these little gift boxes called Vigoo by design student Wilda Wongso were on show at Platform 2012 during the International Furniture Fair Singapore. There are four basic characters but you can dress them up to personalize for the gift receiver…how amazing are these?

Found over at dezzen, so read more HERE!



Found over at swissmiss this morning and am in love with this idea. SwissMiss describes the service perfectly so read a quote below. How great would it be if the community can decide where to make improvements that work for them?

“Brand new Lucky Ant is the Kickstarter for your community. Instead of funding short films and art projects, you help support improvements to your favorite neighborhood hot spots. Whether it’s sponsoring an outdoor patio for the cafe around the corner or even helping a local high school build a student-run restaurant, this is your chance to help build the community of your dreams.

Check them out HERE!

So. Frickin cute…such beautiful, stoic creatures…

Found via Notcot HERE!

Made me smile….Gravity dice by Suzy Lelièvre.
Find more by her HERE!

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Hey girl…Typographer Ryan Gosling!

November 6, 2011 //

Ryan Gosling + Typography = Happy girl!

Get more Ryan Gosling eye-candy (+ typography-fix) HERE!


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“Example from the Architect???s Dress Code (which applies to designers quite well)” via Quipsologies

September 15, 2011 //

no.62 by armin

Example from the Architect’s Dress Code (which applies to designers quite well).


This Quip made me smile…”Example from the Architect’s Dress Code (which applies to designers quite well)”

Read the whole article HERE! and see more goodness over at Quipsologies HERE!

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LAUGHS! – If you are having a bad day (or just need a good laugh) this will help…i PROMISE!

September 14, 2011 //

“Everynone” does it again….

Laugh away, and check out Everynone HERE!

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Designers v Developers v UX The truth!!

September 3, 2011 //


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“He has hot hands…” via Pony and “A” Take Over The World

August 31, 2011 //

“He has hot hands. He can melt ice with his hands quickly. His hands are useful when he makes arts like this, on the other hand, his hands are helpless when eat ice cream because it melts in a moment.”

This blog cracks me up…”Pony” is a ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor over Skype.

The site is about a visual exercise she does with her student “A” , where she shows a picture, and “A” then writes two to four sentences about it.

I also love their “About us” description…it goes as follows:
“We are the same age, and have the same shoe size and height. “A” lives in Japan, and I live in the United States, in Northern California. We are quite different; “A” likes silver and pink, Lady Gaga, and beautiful dresses, whereas I like black, grindcore music, and combat boots. However, we are also similar in our loves of the English language and making people laugh. We have been working together for a year, and hope to grow and learn together for years to come. We hope you enjoy our site.”

Check them out and find much much more awesomeness HERE!

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Just what I needed to hear today: Take It Eamesy via Core77

August 20, 2011 //

Ha ha. This is exactly what I need today – TAKE IT EAMESY!!!

Found via Core 77 HERE!

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