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This is so incredibly INGENIUS….

This project by artist ShiKai Tseng combines the traditional medium of Photography with 3-D objects….He basically creates these vases by covering them in photo-sensitive solution then exposing them inside individual pinhole cameras which are placed in an environment that ends up recorded on the surface of each vase.

“Each object carries the trace of it’s first moments of experience, it’s first exposure.”

First seen over at Ian Claridge HERE! You can also learn more about Shikai Tseng HERE!

PhotoGraphy from ShiKai Tseng on Vimeo.



Wow. Fascinating talk by Mickey McManus, President / Chief Executive Officer at MAYA (If you haven’t heard of them, check them out HERE! They work on some incredible stuff!)

At TEDx CMU, he talks about what nature’s design patterns can teach us about computing…Containerization, liquid currency, and the possibilities of a trillion node world all packed into 20 minutes of TED….watch it HERE!


And although I don’t understand even close to all the stuff he touches on, it is incredibly inspiring and makes me feel like a kid, like anything is possible and the future is something exciting, like I just cant wait for tomorrow, to explore and make things!

Read the whole post over on MAYA’s site HERE!!!