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Before I became a mom, I heard other parents talk about how time-consuming a baby is…how it changes you, your attitude, dreams, aspiration – all that. They talk about how your life changes completely…and here is the thing – I believed them 100%. But at the same time I had no idea. I always thought I will still have the same aspirations and be the same person – and I do and I am and I don’t and I am not.

Baby Isla
Photo by Nadine Baggs

Its a difficult thing to describe maybe because I can’t even wrap my head around it myself and I am living it…maybe that’s why everyone always talks about the experience of parenthood as “indescribable”…

With all that said…there are many reasons this blog has been quiet for a while now. And becoming a mom is probably the main one.

I am still just as interested in all things creative but in a different way. Time is more precious now. My goals have not changed, but I am adjusting where to put the focus. And I choose to unplug more often.

I would love to continue sharing the things that inspire me and I am sure with time I will find the right outlet and the right channel.

In the meantime:

Here is the thing – being married to a photographer can be a bit irritating at times – constant stops for ‘that shot’ or to make you pose in the ‘stunning light’ while walking around town…but of course it also has its perks. So when we found out we were expecting our first child we stuck our heads together to come up with a way to record the journey…here is what we came up with (reminiscent of our save the date photo):

All photos by Jim Blackstock (

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