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I have a feeling my obsession with all things sticky is just going to grow…wrist Post-It’s by Doriane Favre. Want.

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Simple, modern concrete tiles – Prototype Playtime

September 22, 2011 //

I am IN LOVE with these ‘Playtime’ concrete tiles for indoor and outdoor use by young designer Xiral Segard.

“The concrete pavement Playtime adapts and reinterprets the traditional technique of marquetry to the specifics of this construction material. Playtime plays with geometric and counterforms concrete. The pattern on the first plate, disappears little by little on the second and third slab no longer exist on the fourth. Theses four pavement each can create a design more or less dense in places.”

Want (SO badly!)

Check our more about Xiral Segard HERE!

(and also, make sure to check out the equally stunning Vase Konkurito HERE! See some images below…)


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Stealf: stealth in a shelf

September 7, 2011 //
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Designer Scarves by Lucy Jay

September 2, 2011 //

I love scarves…and these silk scarves from Lucy Jay’s Good collection are a thing of beauty…check out the full collection HERE!


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Blue Fab Field Notes – must have!

August 27, 2011 //

Want! No….totally need these for…you guessed it, taking Field Notes!!!

Check out these exclusive Field Notes… Get a set of three graph-ruled notebooks with blue covers, making them perfect for your idea sketches and brilliant plans to take over the world. Each book includes 48 pages and is bound with a rugged three staple saddle stitch process.

Get yours HERE! (Hurry, currently on sale too!!!)


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The awesome eye/modern-chair-design-knowledge exam via Blue Art Studio

August 1, 2011 //

If you have the urge to test your eyes AND your knowledge of 20th century chair design all at once – then this awesome poster from Joel Pirela of Blue Any Studio is for you…

Check it out HERE!

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YES, please: Blik + Threadless = Design love for your walls!!!

July 28, 2011 //

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The future is here: Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone via Think Geek

July 20, 2011 //

The future has arrived indeed…

The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard connects to your device via Bluetooth and then laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface…Nifty!

Check it out HERE!

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better late than never ??? Diamond Studs

June 21, 2011 //
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Block Notes: sticky notes shaped like blocks from the popular game

June 9, 2011 //
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