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Interesting idea- phoneblocs is a modular phone concept developed by Dave Hakkens. Read more about it HERE!

Phonebloks   A phone worth keeping 1

Phonebloks   A phone worth keeping

This certainly looks like it will be worth a watch…”Design & Thinking” is a documentary about…you guessed it, “design thinking”.

About the film:

“Design Thinking was applied as a term and methodology by a design firm in 2008. It was received as a tool to solve every problem, from daily life decisions to business challenges to world hunger problems. Attention and debates followed; some insisted on design education in all K-12 schools, some declared it is just marketing tool for that firm, some hoped it would turn his company into Apple. Some said it’s nothing new, just a new packaging of how creative people do things.”

Let the discussions begin…Find out more HERE!


Emilio Gomariz does awesome work, creating patterns with the interfaces of the programs designers use everyday….

Check out more by Emilio at HERE!

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A former Cement Factory is now the workspace and residence of Ricardo Bofill via Yatzer

January 11, 2012 //
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Ball Point Pen Paintings by Shane McAdams

December 5, 2011 //
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Gravity dice by Suzy Leli??vre

November 19, 2011 //

Made me smile….Gravity dice by Suzy Lelièvre.
Find more by her HERE!

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Delen Memory Table by David Franklin via @designmilk

November 8, 2011 //

Intriguing concept – The Delen Memory table is a concept table designed by David Franklin, a graduate of the MA Product Design course at Birmingham City University. It is essentially a dining and work table with an attached camera that “interacts with you as you work or eat. The camera is programmed and controlled wirelessly to take pictures at predetermined times or at specified intervals over a duration. The resulting pictures are sent back to a computer and can be programmed to upload automatically to the user’s desired social networking site.”

Check out the full article at Design Milk HERE!


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Making Of amazing 3D Magazine Cover

October 26, 2011 //

I love this cover for German design magazine Novum. They used kiss-cut triangles that actually make the cover bendable.

To see the making-of video, go HERE!

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Slow Moving News via PUBLIC SCHOOL

October 6, 2011 //

I saw this Masters in Graphic Design thesis project by Emily Roose a while ago and thought it was such an interesting “juxtaposition of fast moving news with what might be one of the slowest forms of communication, the cross-stitch” as Public School has put it so nicely…

Check out their feature HERE!


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