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Postcard Poets brings small doses of serendipity to your doorstep! It helps you discover poetry from new and established poets by delivered poem postcards to you by post.

This would be such a great thing to share with friends all over the globe…Check out more about Postcard Poets HERE!

A poem for girls who read from spoken word poet Mark Grist. Amazing.

Check it out over at curiosity counts HERE!

A project by “another Caroline” – exploring poetry and typography with a touch of “arctic”…Like!

Check her out HERE!

Hauntingly beautiful….

“Three years ago in Paris I got out of a “metro” train at La Concorde, and saw suddenly a beautiful face… I could not find any words that seemed to me worthy, or as lovely as that sudden emotion.” – Ezra Pound

This film film by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason is the continuation of a series that explores that moment of uncertainty and magic that happens when you emerge from the depths of the subway system.

See Sub City New York HERE!


Incredible world we live in…make sure to check out the video at their link HERE!