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Quipsologies ads yet another blog to their empire. “Art of the Menu, cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus…”

Check it out HERE!

Yes, I have been posting plenty of videos lately…but, believe you me, this one is SO worth watching. People are creating some inspiring stuff out there, no?

Apparently “Sister Corita was a remarkable, fire-breathing Catholic nun who, during the course of her never-ending fight for social justice, gave artistic legitimacy to screenprinting.”

Filmmaker Aaron Rose, along with the Corita Foundation’s Sasha Carrera, set out to show that—even though she’s gone—this beloved teacher-printer’s message and medium resonate today more than ever.

I found this video over at one of my favorite places for inspiration – Quipsologies and Armin Vit couldn’t have introduced this gem in a better way.

This is what he said: “If you watch just one video all day of an unknown designer that deserves to be so more well known make it this one: Sister Corita Kent. Nun. Silkscreener. Activist. Video put together by Levi’s Film Workshop. Image-Google her”

He is right – if you watch just one video today, make it this one. Also, listen to the man and GOOGLE IMAGE HER!

No, but seriously, I miss having magazines in the house and Stack America promises to fix that: subscribe and receive a carefully curated stack of the coolest, independent magazines out there every other month.

Check it out HERE! Found via Quipsologies HERE!

“One is considered stupid until proven creative” says the inspiring Armin Vit. He is the Co-founder of UnderConsideration, a graphic design and publishing enterprise. It is important to note here that Quipsologies is one of my all time favorite blogs. Hands down.

Check out the TED talk HERE and see the awesomeness for yourself over at Quipsologies HERE!

Thanks Quipsologies…
Moat, a search engine for banner ads. May sound ridiculous, also sounds fascinating. Each search gives you a sense of what a particular brand looks like and how it’s presenting itself. Shown: IBM.

Check MOAT out for yourself HERE!

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