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Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, explains his perceptions of things that we dont even think about – ┬ásun, space, sky, and more.
So interesting how many things he describes are spot on…also really makes you wonder about the things we take for granted…
Found via Its Okay To Be Smart HERE!

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Moment Collection: Cinematic Anthropology of Urban Tenderness or “What South African ceremonies have to do with Czech steel workers and New York at dawn.” (via Brain Pickings)

October 17, 2011 //

Brain Pickings describes Mood Collection as such:
It “isn’t a documentary, nor is it fictional film. Rather, it’s part photographic research project, part cultural anthropology of urban tenderness.
The brainchild of French director Paul Mignot, the project captures rare, vulnerable moments in the lives of four global cities. From dawn in New York to a baptism in Johannesburg to the near-ghost of a Czech metal factory, Mood Collection steals an unexpected glimpse of the raw, private humanity of cities through breathtaking cinematography and thoughtful direction.”

Paul Mignot, creator of the Mood Collection describes it as such:
“This collection was born from the need to get carried away by the coincidences and the follies of life, or simply to see the other with sincerity and honesty, in a moment without promise, without lies, just picking up a message as silent as it is.” ~ Paul Mignot (translated from French)

Read the whole post over at Brain Pickings HERE!

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LAUGHS! – If you are having a bad day (or just need a good laugh) this will help…i PROMISE!

September 14, 2011 //

“Everynone” does it again….

Laugh away, and check out Everynone HERE!

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See this new planet they discovered?! (OR: Devour by Christopher Jonassen)

September 2, 2011 //
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