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A project by “another Caroline” – exploring poetry and typography with a touch of “arctic”…Like!

Check her out HERE!


Ryan Gosling + Typography = Happy girl!

Get more Ryan Gosling eye-candy (+ typography-fix) HERE!



Quipsologies ads yet another blog to their empire. “Art of the Menu, cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus…”

Check it out HERE!

Dang, comic sans is pissed off y’all!

The voice of Comic Sans was Stephan Pacuk.

Music used was:
Beirut – A call to arms
Bee Gees – Saturday Night Fever
Children of Bodom – Downfall
The Books – Thankyoubranch


Original monologue written by Mike Lacher!
Filmed & Edited by Joe Hollier 


This was a class assignment for Paul Sahre’s Typography class at SVA. Check him out HERE!

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Typography Concept Store

March 23, 2011 //

I LOVE the idea of a Brick and Mortar store even if the thing you are selling is not a tangible thing…. This shop was opened by Typeface designers e-Types for their type foundry in Copenhagen. Here customers can buy digital fonts in a physical space. Customers can buy fonts loaded on USB sticks at the shop as opposed to the online Playtype store. So cool….check it out HERE!



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???Cure for the Common Font??? ??? A Web Designer???s Introduction to Typeface Selection

March 22, 2011 //


I sadly didnt attend SXSW but found this presentationby Frank Chimero, Tiffany Wardle, and Jason Santa Maria for a panel at the SXSW conference over at Typographics. I love this little intro into some basic principles for making wise type choices.

“Now that web designers suddenly face the challenge and delight of choosing fonts from an ever-growing selection, we decided now is a good time to recommend some basic principles for making wise type choices.”

Read more about the presentation and view the slides HERE!

Open publication – Free publishingMore fonts
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Type Sandwiches – a set on Flickr

February 17, 2011 //
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