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Oh this is beautiful. “Picture This” art print by artist Sammy Slab found over at curiosity counts.

See more art HERE!

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Wish listed: Roll Up Travel Charger

December 3, 2011 //

For $49, this is SO wish-listed! “This portable charger minimizes cable clutter and maximizes style by placing multiple charging outlets on a single bar that rolls up into a slip-proof, polyurethane mat. You can refuel up to 4 devices simultaneously while occupying just a single wall outlet.”

Get it over at Restoration Hardware HERE!

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Nuance Cheese Cube…yes, you heard that right…a CHEESE. CUBE. (via house&hold)

November 19, 2011 //

Ok. This is seriously one of the most genius things I have seen in a while. Clearly, I need one of these…

Buy it over at House&Hold HERE!

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That is one sleek iPad & Laptop Sleeve- the Bonobo Series

November 15, 2011 //
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Post-It Watches – #DE2012 @enquiringdesign and @kalsau we need these! (via tonystoyshop)

October 25, 2011 //

I have a feeling my obsession with all things sticky is just going to grow…wrist Post-It’s by Doriane Favre. Want.

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Perforated Roll of Cotton Placemats+Napkins

October 2, 2011 //

This is SUCH a great idea! Put on wishlist…

“These limited-use napkins and placemats by Spain-based MYdrap are made from 100% cotton and come on rolls of 12. That’s right, a roll. The perforated cotton allows user to simply tear a placemat or napkin off the roll as necessary. They can be laundered at least 6 times, and are recyclable and biodegradable. Enhances any table in a snap. Keep them in your home or office drawer for emergencies. Take them on a picnic as an elegant alternative to paper. They also make a fantastic host gift.”

Check it out over at A+R HERE! (and while you are there, make sure to check out some of their other products, they have a great selection of pretty much anything you could ever need.)


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Simple, modern concrete tiles – Prototype Playtime

September 22, 2011 //

I am IN LOVE with these ‘Playtime’ concrete tiles for indoor and outdoor use by young designer Xiral Segard.

“The concrete pavement Playtime adapts and reinterprets the traditional technique of marquetry to the specifics of this construction material. Playtime plays with geometric and counterforms concrete. The pattern on the first plate, disappears little by little on the second and third slab no longer exist on the fourth. Theses four pavement each can create a design more or less dense in places.”

Want (SO badly!)

Check our more about Xiral Segard HERE!

(and also, make sure to check out the equally stunning Vase Konkurito HERE! See some images below…)


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Stealf: stealth in a shelf

September 7, 2011 //
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Milk Made: Astronaut + Body suit = yeah boiiiii!

September 5, 2011 //

I want this swimsuit/ body suit by Black Milk….

Check out more designs HERE!


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