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I really love this, it is so easy to forget a world before computers. Projects like Rare Book Feast helps us remember…

“This series is about the timeless character of books. Their message and what they look like are what is celebrated here. As our culture becomes digital in a lot of ways, it is all the more important (not to mention inviting) to revisit and learn from the early design challenges, creative solutions and general lessons that the “old” print world keeps relevant.

Kicking off this series is the “World Geo-Graphic Atlas” (1953) designed by Herbert Bayer with Martin Rosenzweig, Henry Gardiner and Masato Nakagawa: 2,200 diagrams, graphs, charts, symbols spanning 368 pages about our planet earth. All done before computers.

Video concept, script and narration by Nate Burgos of Video creation, direction and production by Joe Giovenco of”

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I love that while Kurt Andersen was the editor at New York magazine, he had the writers comply by this list of words that could not be used in their articles…i like how he titled this list “Words we don’t say”….we just dont to it, kids…

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Sam Winston’s Dictionary Story book explores words and what happens if if they took on their own meanings – both inside the narrative and also typographically on the page. Found this over at today.

From the back cover – From order to chaos and back to order, Sam Winston’s Dictionary Story graphically illustrates the balance between a world that’s safe but boring and a high risk universe full of creative possibilities.
Like people, the alphabetically constrained words yearn to release their individual potential. They want to escape the dictionary’s regimentation and come together to tell a story. But when the words break free, so do their letters. They scatter and tumble across the page, reflecting meaning through visual representation. For a time it’s wild and exciting but when things look to be getting out of hand the Alphabet arrives to remind everyone of their responsibilities. Order returns… but the world and it’s words will never be quite the same again.

Check out more of his portfolio HERE and buy the Dictionary Story book HERE!